Finding Peace With Your PMDD

Discover a daily practice to change your life with Women's Health Expert Kirsten Karchmer

The workshop is over, but you can watch the recording here.

This workshop is for you if...

  • You have PMDD and you are ready to feel better
  • You're ready to improve your relationship with yourself and others 
  • You want to create new habits that support you in feeling more peaceful, happy and at ease

Kirsten Karchmer, is a health tech pioneer, women’s health expert, and the founder and CEO at Brazen.

She is leading a women’s health revolution committed to eradicating PMS, PMDD and cramping.

She spent over 20 years improving the health, periods and fertility of over 10,000 menstruators.

And Kirsten is also the author of the amazing book, Seeing Red - The One Book Every Woman Needs to Read. Period.

Currently she is highly focused on improving the lives of people with PMDD.

Kirsten Karchmer

Women's Health Expert

Kirsten Karchmer