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PMDD Healing Summit

April 25 - 29, 2022

How the summit works:

During the summit, you'll get an email every day with a link to the daily expert interviews. Watch or listen to the interviews whenever you have time, they will stay available during the entire summit.

Live Workshops and classes: Every day there will be a live workshop or class offered by a summit expert. Check the Summit Schedule for details.

Share your Aha moments and breakthroughs in the Facebook group and win fun prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this summit really free?

Yes, the summit is absolutely free. No hidden upgrades or fees necessary. We are doing this for free because we believe that everyone should have access to this information.

Can partners and parents join?

Yes, the more people who know about PMDD the better. And we have some great tips and tools for you to support your loved ones.

What if I don't identify as a woman?

All menstruators with PMDD and their allies are welcome. I strive to keep our language gender neutral. That said, it might happen that we slip into old patterns every now and then, and I apologize for any missteps. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time: Charisma@PMDDHealingSummit.com

I'm busy, what if I don't have time to watch the interviews?

New interviews will be released every day and you can watch them or listen to them at any time that works for your schedule. I recommend checking the schedule and seeing which topics interest you the most and starting with those. You don't have to watch them all. And definitely be mindful of any overwhelm that might come up. Take a break and come back to the summit when you're ready.