The Soul Fire Challenge

A 40-day meditation journey to shine your light and make 2024 your best year yet!

Soul Fire Meditation Challenge

Burns away fear and doubt.

Your doubts and fears are the reason why you might have the best intentions but you end up sabotaging your dreams and falling back into your old patterns. The Soul Fire Challenge will activate the energy you need to blast through them so you can finally go for your goals and shine your light.

Join The Meditation Challenge!

Awakens the fire of your Soul.

Your Soul has been calling you to shine your light more fully. That's why you're on this healing journey, that's why you're doing the inner work. Now it's time to support yourself so you can create a fulfilled life guided by your authentic fire - BE who you're meant to BE.

Why 40 Days?

In Kundalini Yoga we believe that it takes 40 days to break the negative habits that block you from your true expansion.

Who is this for?

This is for people who want to create real change in their lives and are ready to heal and show up fully to make 2024 their best year. 

Is it gonna be hard?

The meditation itself is easy. But the ego hates change so it will resist it and make it hard. The live sessions will support you to stay on track.

The seed of every good habit is a single, tiny decision.

James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

What's Included:

  • A transformational 40-day meditation
  • 3 Live Zoom Sessions every week
  • Daily Practice Videos and Emails
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Support, bonuses and community

Here's how it works...

Step 1.

Every day, for the next 40 days, you'll do the Soul Fire Activation meditation (~15 minutes). You can do it when it fits into your schedule, just make sure to do it before you go to sleep. By registering for this challenge you commit to practicing for 40 days, without missing a day.

Step 2.

To keep you on track, we'll also meet LIVE on Zoom, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. If you can't make it live, you can watch the replay in our CHALLENGE PORTAL. Of course, you can do the practice on your own with the pre-recorded video or audio track.

Step 3.

On the days when we aren't live, you'll be sent a reminder email in the morning. And we'll have a community accountability sheet to stay committed.

Step 4.

The times for the 20 minute live sessions are:
Los Angeles - 8am
New York - 11am
London - 4pm
Berlin - 5pm

(Recordings will be available 1 hour after the session ends.)

Set your Soul on fire and shine your light!

Soul Fire Challenge

Will you join me?

For so many years I was afraid of making new year's resolutions and dreaming big because I let myself down so many times.

Not going for my dreams felt easier than being disappointed or failing.

Until I discovered Kundalini Yoga and its 40-day challenges.

That's when I learned that small habits make a big difference. And by committing to a daily practice, I'm sending a signal to my Soul that I can be trusted.

Now I'm honoring my Soul's messages and keeping my word to myself. It's so healing and empowering!

Will you join this magical community on your journey to awaken and ignite your inner fire?

Charisma Whitefeather
Your Challenge Guide


When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts on Sunday, January 7 and ends on Thursday, February 15.

What if I Can't make it to the live sessions?

That's not a problem. You can watch the replays in our challenge portal.

I'm new to yoga and meditation, Will this work for me?

Yes, absolutely. It's a very short and easy practice that's perfect for beginners. The challenge isn't in the practice, it's in the consistency. ;)

How much time will it take every day?

The practice itself is only 15 minutes. And the live sessions will be approximately 20 minutes.

So how does this work?

Together with your Soul Fire challenge community, you'll be doing the same practice every day. The transformational power is in the practice itself, in the daily repetition, in your commitment and your consistency.

What if I can't practice in the morning?

That's fine. Just make sure you do it before you go to bed. Even if that's 2am. ;)

Charisma Whitefeather is the host of this challenge.
She lives in Los Angeles where she offers Kundalini Yoga and Women's Circles.
Please feel free to contact her for any questions.

Find me here: Charisma Whitefeather