The Root Chakra – Your Foundation for Life

photo collage of a meditating woman sitting on a red sphere with roots sprouting from her root chakra

I am welcome here. My needs are met. It’s safe to be me.

Your root chakra, the first chakra, is located at the end of your spine,
between the rectum and your sexual organs.
It’s connected to the element of Earth.

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Signs of a balanced Root Chakra

When our foundation, our root chakra, is balanced we feel grounded, secure and stable.
We accept ourselves with compassion, flaws and all.
Our bodily elimination and emotional elimination (letting go) function well.
And we have the endurance to get through less-than-ideal situations.

Signs of an unbalanced Root Chakra

When our root is out of whack, we are fearful and insecure. We are generally weak.
We operate from a place of lack. Our life feels like a burden.
And we feel like we don’t belong.

The imbalance usually stems from early childhood where we might’ve felt abandoned or neglected,
or we inherited it from our parent’s or culture’s survival issues.

In the Kundalini community there is the tradition of having the mother stay with the baby for the first 40 days, to make the new soul feel emotionally secure and connected.

Most of our parents didn’t have that luxury and as soon as possible our Moms went to work,
and gave us into someone else’s care.

As a result we put up defenses to make up for the gnawing sense of rootlessness and insecurity.
Then we get depressed and anxious. We reject the world before it rejects us.

But it’s time you mothered your own inner child and let her know that Earth is ok and that you are meant to be here.

How to balance your root chakra

Here are some great Kundalini Yoga exercise to balance your root chakra.
And if you’re interested in really experiencing the benefits of KundaliniYoga,
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Instruction on how to do Frog Pose



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