PMDD Healing Summit

April 25 - 29, 2022

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Over 30 PMDD experts share hope, guidance and next steps for your
PMDD relief journey.



Topics include:

Hormones, Period pain
Relationships, Anxiety
Depression, Anger, Cravings
Supplements, Lab tests
Mental health, Microdosing
Womb health, Self-care...

Over 25 Experts...

Doctors, therapists, menstrual cycle coaches, naturopaths, healers, nutritionists, couple's counselors, hypnotists, womb experts, researchers, community advocates,...


Live Workshops,
Yoga and Meditation,...
And it's all free!
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Live Workshops and classes: Every day there will be a live workshop or class offered by a summit expert. Check the Summit Schedule for details.

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Charisma Whitefeather Creator of the PMD Healing Summit and PMDD Relief supplements treatments pmdd support

I'm Charisma Whitefeather

It all started because I was seeing so much despair, pain and confusion in the PMDD communities on Facebook.

It broke my heart.

People wanted answers, they wanted more support from their doctors and their partners, they were frustrated with the lack of concrete information about what to do to get out of PMDD hell.

All Summit Speakers

Relief is possible

What frustrated me especially was that we are being told over and over that there's nothing we can do, when in fact, I had found relief for my PMDD symptoms.

Yes, I'm still sensitive to the fluctuations of hormones within me, but PMDD does not derail my life and ruin my relationships any more.

And I know so many other menstruators who have also found relief from their symptoms.

PMDD Healing Summit PMDD Experts share what works for your PMDD relief, supplements, treatment, support, trauma, doctors, hypnotherapy, hormone balance

Together, we can!

It's a myth that Hell Week is a life-sentence, that it will never go away.

And that's why I approached experts who could bring some hope and share concrete ways to begin the journey of PMDD relief.

This is our second summit and I am so grateful to all the experts who said Yes. Together, we are bringing you hope and guidance for your PMDD journey.

Your biggest cheerleader,

Some of your PMDD experts:

Le'Nise Brothers

How to have better periods

Dr. Jordan Roberts

Your hormones and trauma.

Naomi Judge

Your thyroid and PMDD.

Say bye-bye to period pain.

Jenna Longoria

Tully Rose, PMDD Expert at the PMDD Healing Summit
Boundaries and people-pleasing.

Tully Rose

Lisa de Jong, PMDD Expert at the PMDD Healing Summit
PMDD and your nervous system.

Lisa de Jong

How to overcome your anxiety.

Anna Papaioannou

Ali Miller
Communication to your relationship.

Ali Miller

A natural solution for PMDD.

Heidi Hogarth

Cycle synching for your PMDD relief.

Briana Villegas

PMDD and your relationship.

Rose Alkattan

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