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Meditation to Release Childhood Trauma

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Kundalini Yoga to release negative emotions.

Breathwork to activate your inner strength.

Mantras to reprogram negative thought patterns.

Meditations to cultivate joy and calmness.

Hi, I'm Charisma

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

For the longest, I was miserable, full of anxiety and depression. I hated my life and I hated myself.

One day, I vowed to find my joy, I vowed to create a life that I loved. And that's when I found Kundalini Yoga and relief from my PMDD symptoms.
Kundalini Yoga helped me to go from Worrier to Warrior.

I finally had the confidence and courage to go for my dreams and I was in control of my emotions and thoughts, something I could never have imagined.

Kundalini Yoga brought the passion back into my life and that's why I love sharing it with others.

Give it a try and watch yourself start to bloom and grow.


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Kundalini With Charisma
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