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Kundalini Power Yoga New Years meditation

The New Year's Meditation

Your Next Steps...

Watch the instructional video

This short video will help you do the meditation correctly so you get maximum results.

Download the mantra music

You can use the music to go deeper into your meditation, or meditate without music.

Decide on your meditation length

You can meditate for 6 or 11 minutes daily. You get to choose what works for you.

Start meditating daily

Meditate every day during the month of January, come rain or shine.

Short Instructional Video

Get all the details on how to do the New Year's Meditation in this short video.

And if you'd like to meditate with a video for 6 minutes, click the link below.

And if you'd like to meditate with a video for 6 minutes, click the link below.

Download the mantra music here

New Year's Meditation For Projection and Protection from the Heart

This meditation brings your mind, body and soul into balance.

It activates your inner wisdom and charges your magnetic field so you can attract beneficial opportunities and abundant prosperity.

As you strengthen and open your Heart Chakra, you send loving energy into the Universe and at the same time radiate love towards yourself.

Note: It is most beneficial if you practice this meditation every day. You might feel weird or unsure at first but keep going and you'll see and feel the changes in your life.

The Mangala Charn Mantra surrounds your magnetic field with protective light so negative energy just bounces off of you.

Print out the mantra sheet here

How to do the meditation...

• Posture: Sit cross-legged on the floor (or on a chair, a cushion) with a tall spine and light neck lock

• Eyes: Close the eyes and focus them up and in between your eye brows

• Hands: Bring your palms together and cross one thumb over the other, rest this Prayer Pose at your heart center, fingers pointing diagonally up

• Movement: As you chant AAD GURAY NAMEH, you extend your arms up and out at a 60 degree angle.
Then as you inhale, you slowly bring the hands back towards the heart.


• To End: Keep your hands in Prayer Pose at your heart, inhale deeply, hold the breath briefly, exhale. Remain here and feel the energy in you and around you.

Are you joining us?

Meditators from all over the globe will be doing this meditation with you!

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I'm always here to help and support you.

I commit to meditating DAILY for 6 minutes

By clicking this box, you are agreeing to honor your commitment to your own growth.

I commit to meditating DAILY for 11 minutes

By clicking this box, you are agreeing to honor your commitment to your own growth.

Charisma Whitefeather

Kundalini Power Teacher

I've got big plans for this upcoming year and you might too.

But sometimes, my New Year's resolutions make me anxious and fearful because I wonder: How am I going to stick to them? How am I going to manifest these big dreams!?!

This anxiety, this not knowing, this trying something completely new can bring up negative emotions.

And that's why I do this meditation every year in January to be able to move forward towards a life that I can love.

To gain clarity on my next steps and...most importantly...to stay connected to my heart, so I move forward with love and compassion for myself and others around me.

Abundance, a new job, weight loss, healthy eating, unleashing your true voice, confidence, courage, starting a new business, saying Yes to your talents...

Whatever it s that you're working on, give this meditation a try and let's step into 2022 together.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I can't sit cross-legged on the floor??

Yes. That's totally fine. You can sit on a chair, the edge of your couch or bed. Just make sure that you're not leaning back but keeping your spine tall.

Is chanting religious?

No. You can practice this meditation no matter what religion you belong to. The mantra creates a healing vibrational pattern in your body and mind. This works whether you understand the meaning or not.

What if I'm new to meditation?

Welcome! This is a great meditation to start out with because you don't have to "turn off" your mind. Take it slow and stay steady.

I'm too busy to meditate every day, now what?

We make time for so many things in our lives. Maybe it's time that you prioritized yourself. Give it a try.

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