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Blog Post #3 - Frog Pose Tutorial

3. How To Do Frog Pose

Powerful Postures like Frog Pose help you to move through the places in your life and in your emotions where you feel stuck, paralyzed or unable to move forward.

This "Posture of Elevation", activates the lower chakras and sends that energy up into the higher chakras, opening you to your heart and to our true potential.

It rejuvenates you mentally and physically.

The secret to mastering this pose is staying connected to your breath and your navel, letting your inner strength and commitment support you. When it gets challenging, and it will, increase the power of your breath.

And notice where your mind goes when it gets hard. Yoga is a microcosm, showing how you support yourself through the challenges of life. Do you go into judgment, victim mode, anger, stubbornness? Or can you keep a sense of humor, cultivating a lightness for yourself?

You can do hard things.

Challenges make you strong and sometimes the most precious insights come through difficult experiences...like Frog Pose. 


  • Come into a squatting position with your legs and feet spread into a wide V
  • Toes are off the floor, heels together, buttocks resting on the heels or calves
  • Fingertips are on the floor between the legs, chest is open and lifted
  • Inhale, keeping your fingertips on the floor, straighten your legs. Your buttocks will raise in the air as your head drops down, try to bring your nose towards the knees
  • Exhale, drop the buttocks to the heels, head comes up

Inhale and exhale very powerfully, you should hear your breath.

Continue for 11 Frogs and build up to 27, 54, and eventually 108.

To end: Inhale deeply, legs straight, letting your upper body dangle for a nice stretch.
Exhale and relax onto your back and feel the energy moving inside of you.

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