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The February Meditation:

Self-acceptance is the gateway to self-love

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Short Instructional Video

Get all the details on how to do the February Meditation in this short video.

And if you'd like to meditate with a video for 6 minutes, click the link below.

And if you'd like to meditate with a video for 6 minutes, click the link below.

Download the mantra music here

February Meditation For Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

February is all about love, and the most important kind of love is Self-Love.

Because the way you feel about yourself sets the tone for the relationship you have with others.

And the foundation of Self-Love is: Self-Acceptance.

Letting go of judgements. Letting go of: I should be more this, I should be less that.

I'm too much, I'm not enough...

These thoughts and beliefs get in the way of accepting yourself and that gets in the way of Self-Love.

This meditation is going to move all those shoulda/woulda/couldas out of your system.

You're going to throw all of that behind you and make way for Self-Love to arise.

Note: It is most beneficial if you practice this meditation every day. You might feel weird or unsure at first but keep going and you'll see and feel the changes in your life.

The Wahe Guru Mantra is the vibration of victory and ecstasy. It lets you experience the Divine within yourself.

Print out the mantra sheet here

How to do the meditation...

• Posture: Sit cross-legged on the floor (or on a chair, a cushion) with a tall spine. Elbows by your side, forearms parallel to the ground, palms facing up, hands slightly cupped

• Eyes: Gently closed

• Movement: Move your elbows up and back, so your hands scoop up and over your shoulders, like splashing water over yourself.
Give your wrist a a little flick at the end point, then bring the elbows down and back.

• Mantra: On each Wahe Guru and Wahe Jio do one complete round - scooping up over your shoulders, and coming back to the starting position.

• To End: Inhale and stretch your hands right behind your head. Hold for a few seconds. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

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Charisma Whitefeather

Kundalini Power Teacher

Self-Love is a big word. And if you've experienced life, you might be more critical than loving to yourself.

Accepting myself, warts and all, was a huge part of my healing, mental health journey.

I thought I should be different, more of this and less of that, but that wasn't true. And thinking that brought me so much suffering.

The world needs you, just as you are - uniquely weird.

Because when you shine your weird light, you sallow others to do the same.

And when you accept and love yourself, you show up differently in the world: radiating love.

And the world needs more radiating love!

Whatever it s that you ca't accept about yourself, bring it to the meditation. Let's accept ourselves and eachother.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't sit cross-legged on the floor??

Yes. That's totally fine. You can sit on a chair, the edge of your couch or bed. Just make sure that you're not leaning back but keeping your spine tall.

Is chanting religious?

No. You can practice this meditation no matter what religion you belong to. The mantra creates a healing vibrational pattern in your body and mind. This works whether you understand the meaning or not.

What if I'm new to meditation?

Welcome! This is a great meditation to start out with because you don't have to "turn off" your mind. Take it slow and stay steady.

I'm too busy to meditate every day, now what?

We make time for so many things in our lives. Maybe it's time that you prioritized yourself. Give it a try.

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