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Blog Post #10 - Clear Your Chakras

10. Clear Your Energy Centers

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you take on other people's energy? Or maybe even your society's or the world's energy?!

Yes, it can happen so easily. And that's why it's so important to regularly recalibrate your energy to your own authentic vibration.

That's right, you have an inner vibration, an inner rhythm! 🥁

But sometimes we get bullied into other people's timelines or agendas. And suddenly we feel wonky or we start feeling shame because we're not following their idea of how we should be living our lives.

It sounds a lot like:

  • I should be further along.
  • Why haven't I figured this out yet!?
  • What's wrong with me?

The thing is, you get to live this life according to your own rhythm and nobody can tell you what that is, you have to find it out for yourself.

Although, I must say that Kundalini Yoga and especially the chanting is a really great way to discover your Sat Nam, your true identity and rhythm.

And that's why I recorded a video with an amazing chanting meditation that we did in class this week.

Let me tell you, in just a few minutes you're gonna feel so centered and connected to your true self...nobody else's energy will stand a chance!

(Also, I feel that, especially when you're busy, it's important to stay connected to yourself. So feel free to try this meditation every day for the next 21 days for 6 minutes.)


  • Sit in Easy Pose, with a light neck lock
  • Hands in Prayer Pose
  • Focus your eyes up and in between the brows
  • Chant the mantra in the law of seven (the law of the tides). Vibrate Sat in six waves, and let Naam be the seventh
  • Let the sound flow up through the Chakras, beginning at the root
  • Continue for 3 - 11 minutes.

Sat Nam 
(Truth is my name / Truth is my identity)

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