Ego Eradicator and Aura Sweeps

The Power of Kundalini Yoga

Two powerful Kundalini Yoga postures to reset negative emotions and thoughts.

  • Breath of Fire for cleansing
  • Mudra for meridian and energetic stimulation
  • Sweeping movement with clearing breaths

Kundalini Yoga is a tool for Transformation.

"These practices work by shifting our identity out of the sensations of mind and fear, while transmuting our awareness into the identity of soul, heart and love." - Karena Virginia

"The true power of this kriya lies in the fact that it can rid you of your stresses and worries." - Amrita Kaur

Ego Eradicator is such a powerful posture that it only takes 1-3 minutes to shift your entire being from worry (or any other negatively felt emotion) to centered calmness.

And when you follow it with some Aura Sweeps..wow, what a transformation in as little as two minutes.

But don't take my word for it: follow along with the video and feel it for yourself!

Here's a kriya with Ego Eradicator: Yes, you can just practice Ego Eradicator every morning for 2-3 minutes or you can experience it as a part on an entire series like here...Pituitary Gland Series.

You can practice each posture by itself or combine them for an even more powerful experience.

Watch the video and practice with me...

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Say Yes to growth and say Yes to you by allowing the challenge of transformation.


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