5-Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge

Create a Daily Practice
for Emotional Balance

Day 5 - Your Practice

Today is all about combining everything you've learned in the last few days. Congratulations on making it to Day 5!🎉.

Live Group Session Recording: Let's put it all together and give you a glimpse of what your daily practice could look like.

Don't forget to share your ACTION STEP with the group (or email it to me). #ActionStep

1. Start Here

(Video length: 3 minutes)
This is it! Your last day!🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations and keep going!

2. Movement

(Video length: 8 minutes)
Two very gentle postures to soothe yourself and take it slow.

3. Meditation

(Video length: 11 minutes)
This is a very special meditation technique known as Celestial Communication.
You can download the MANTRA TRACK here

Group Practice Recording

(Video length: 24 minutes)
For the grand finale, we're doing an entire practice. And we'll top it off with a magical meditation.

Day 5 - #ActionStep

Your Practice 

Practice Cheatsheet
Movement CheatSheet

1. Look at the PRACTICE CHEATSHEET and create your daily practice.

2. Share your sequence in your journal and complete the following sentence with the number of days you want to commit to a daily practice....

I commit to giving this daily practice a try for the next ______ days.

🎉 Yeehaw! You completed your challenge. Well done!🎉

Frequently Asked Questions.

When is the LIVE group practice session?

We meet every day at 10am, Los Angeles time.
Chicago - Noon
New York - 1pm
London - 6pm
Berlin - 7pm

What's the Zoom link to join??

Zoom Link: (please don't share this with anyone not in the challenge, this is our special space to get together)
Password: balance

What if I don't have Facebook?

You can email me the answers to your Action Step and also ask me any questions that come up during the challenge: Charisma.Whitefeather@gmail.com