5-Day Kundalini Challenge

Create a Daily Practice
for Emotional Balance

Day 3 - Say Yes to You

Sometimes we're very aware of our short-comings, all the ways we could be better. But do you know your own truth - your Sat Nam? Well, today is about uncovering more of your true self and accepting more of you.

Live Group Recording: Check out the recording to see how to incorporate the postures and the meditation into your life.

Don't forget to share your ACTION STEP with the group (or email it to me). #ActionStep

1. Start Here

(Video length: 3 minutes)
You true self, beyond all the muck and trauma is like a beautiful lotus rising from the mud.

2. Movement

(Video length: 10 minutes)
Transmuting and clearing negative energy with some powerful breathing and movement.

3. Meditation

(Video length: 5 minutes)
Using the healing vibration of mantra to tune into and align with your higher self.
You can download the MANTRA TRACK here

Group Practice Recording

(Video length: 18 minutes)
Today we really moved some energy to return to our natural balanced state and then we ended with a self-love meditation.

Day 3 - #ActionStep

Your Values 

1. Look at the list of values and circle your top 5 values.
2. Get your journal and for each value, come up with a way to incorporate this value into your life.

Complete this sentence for each value.
Because I value _______, an action I will take is ______.

For example:
Because I value freedom, an action I will take is quitting my job.

Then, share your favorite value sentence in your journal or with me.

🎉 Yeehaw! Day 3 is finished!🎉