21-day meditation challenge for pmdd anger and mood swings with charisma whitefether, kundalini yoga for pmdd teacher in los angeles

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The challenge started on June 21st. Sign up with your name and email to be notified of the next meditation challenge.


This meditation challenge is for you if...

  • You feel like your emotions are out-of-control
  • The sudden intensity of your anger surprises you
  • You wish you weren't so moody and unpredictable
  • Emotional and mental balance is something you're looking for
  • You're on the journey of healing and releasing trauma
Movement + Meditation

In this 21-day challenge you're going to use a specially designed meditation technique that incorporates movement, vibration and your body's meridian points to activate true transformation and trauma healing.

Release + Renew

Trauma gets stored in the body and expresses itself as anger and out-of-control emotions. This meditation will help you to release trauma and stuck emotions gently so you can feel more happy and relaxed.


You will have access to me via email and social media. And you will have a community of likeminded meditators to support you on every step of the way.


When you make the commitment to meditating just a few minutes a day, you take huge steps towards healing and well-being.

What You'll Get:

Daily Live Meditation

You can meditate with the group, every day. Just click on the Zoom link.

Recording of Daily Meditation

If you can't make the live meditation, you can use the recording to do your meditation.

Access to Special Facebook Group

You'll have access to our special pop-up Facebook group. That's where you can post your daily update and stay accountable. Plus it's a great space to be supported to stay on track.

Weekly Check-in Circle

Once a week, on Sundays, we'll gather on Zoom for a 30 minute check-in. This is where you can share what's been coming up, get more support and ask questions. You'll get the link to that two days before the check-in.

Printable Meditation Calendar

Print out the calendar to cross off the days and stay accountable.

Access to Instagram Page

Not everybody is on Facebook. But if you're on Insta, you can join our special Insta community to stay accountable and share your progress.

Your Guide,

I love to meditate and I am looking forward to going on this journey with you.

YES, I will be meditating with you every day. So you won't be alone, I'll be right there with you.

And all the others who are joining us will be going through the same struggles and transformations as you.

I am here to serve you, so please send me an email or chat me up on social media if you're having trouble keeping up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Send me an email!

  • I can't sit cross-legged on the floor, can I still participate?
    Absolutely yes! Grab a chair or sit on your couch. The only thing that matters is that you sit in a way that elongates your spine, so you're not hunched over.
  • What if I tried meditation before and I absolutely hated it?
    Well, this isn't your average meditation. This meditation is specifically designed to be less boring, less agitating and less annoying than other meditations. Sign up, give it a try, and if you don't like it, you can always stop.
  • At what time is the live meditation on Zoom?
    It's at 7am, Los Angeles time. That's 10am in New York. 3pm (15:00) in London. And 4pm (16:00) in Berlin.
  • I can't make the live sessions, will there be a recording?
    Yepp, you'll be able to access the previous day's meditation session in the Challenge Portal.
  • Do I need Facebook or Instagram to participate?
    No, all you need is an email and the Zoom link that I'll send you when you sign up. If you like, you can join the Instagram page or Facebook group for extra accountability, fun and community with the other meditators, but that's optional.
  • Is this really free?
    Yes, it sure is.
  • Will this benefit me if I have PMDD?
    Oh yes, I encourage you to definitely join if you have PMDD or suspect that you have PMDD. Trauma healing is at the root of PMDD healing.

So, are you joining us for the challenge?

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