5-Day Kundalini Challenge

Create a Daily Practice
for Emotional Balance

Day 2 - Honor Your Needs

Honoring where you are in any given moment, rather than making yourself wrong, is important for emotional balance. Today you'll get to explore and honor your needs.

Live Session Recording: Don't forget that new habits take practice, so make sure to practice today.

Don't forget to share your ACTION STEP with the group (or email it to me). #ActionStep

1. Start Here

(Video length: 2 minutes)
When you begin to honor your needs, you send a message to your soul that you value yourself, as you are.

2. Movement

(Video length: 11 minutes)
Emotion = Energy in motion. Today you're going to discover two postures to move your energy.

3. Meditation

(Video length: 5 minutes)
Today we're adding some mantra into our meditation to create a healing vibration in our mind and in our cells.
You can download the MANTRA TRACK here

Live Session Recording

(Video length: 20 minutes)
Today we had a beautiful session together. Put on some comfy clothes and join us to move some emotional energy.

Day 2 - #ActionStep

Your Needs 

1. Look at the list of human needs and circle your top 5 needs.

2. Get your journal and write on the following questions:

Which unmet needs am I mourning or grieving?

How do I react when I feel that my needs aren't being met?
What needs am I satisfying by doing this challenge or starting a daily practice?

Then, share your Top 3 Needs with me via email.

🎉 Yeehaw! Day 2 is finished!🎉

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the LIVE group practice session?

This is where I got together with previous challenge participants and we did an entire practice session with the movement and meditation from today.