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Blog Post #8 - Expand Your Happiness

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Stop wasting your life staring at the dirt swirling in your cup.
- Mel Robbins

7. Expand Your Happiness

If you’re on this spiritual growth journey, then you know about all the things that you need to work on.

  • Maybe it’s your reactivity...maybe your heart is closed...
  • Maybe it’s the anxiety, the anger, the depression, the wounds, the triggers...
  • Maybe it's the shadows, the wounds, the lack of energy, the feelings of stuckness and self-doubt.

And you probably spend a lot of your time & energy trying to fix those parts of yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally ok to level up. We all want more out of life.

More ease, more happiness, more joy, more passion, more peace, more clarity, more energy, more love…

But because we’re so focused on what’s wrong, we limit our capacity for happiness.

“Part of the reason why life can start to feel so heavy and so negative and so dark is because things start to cloud our capacity for happiness and then we focus on that and once you start focusing on it, your brain magnifies the negative.”

- Mel Robbins

So, what's the solution?

Following your bliss.

Ok, ok, you might be rolling your eyes at me thinking, “OMG, Charisma, I’ve heard that phrase a million times and it makes me wanna gag.”

Here’s the thing though, it works.

When I was deep in my depression-anxiety-rage phase, that’s what finally got me out of my funk.

I heard some teacher say it to me and I started asking myself, Hmm, what is my bliss? What do I love doing just for me? What brings me absolute joy?

The answer was dancing.

So I started going to conscious dances in L.A. and then I did an Ecstatic Dance training and then I ended up at a music festival and that’s where I found Kundalini Yoga…and well, the rest is herstory.

But don't just take my word for it, above is a short, 2-minute video to show how this actually works.

I’m not saying that the thing you choose has to heal you, but it will lead you towards your medicine and towards more joy and ease and peace.

Aaaaand what’s even cooler is that when you start doing more things in your life that are meaningful to you, things that you already enjoy, something that’s fulfilling for you…

You’re gonna have more energy and you’ll feel like you have more time in general.😱

Yes! There are studies about exactly that: Spending time on what you love gives you more time.

*insert explosive sound as the top of my head blows off*

So, take 5 minutes to answer these questions:

  • What are some things that you enjoy doing?
  • What are hobbies that you have let go of, but wish you still had in your life?
  • What things, if you added them to your life, would fill your cup with blue water?.

(Not sure what I mean with “blue water”? Check out the video and you’ll understand.)

Oh! You know what else fills my cup with blue water? Being in community with other people!

So if you're in Los Angeles, come to a Kundalini Yoga class or one of our Women's Circles.

Or check out the livestream directly from our Kundalini Silver Lake studio.

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