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charisma Whitefeather, Kundalini Yoga for PMDD teacher in los angeles

Kundalini gives you the power to stop playing small.

Stop hiding your shine!

If you want to change your life, you have to change your self.

But it takes courage to take the first step and it takes inner strength to stay on that path.

Your Kundalini Power unleashes your inner strength and radiance.

You might think that there's more to life...and there is!
But, you have to take aligned action to actively create a life that you love.

Life's too short for you to feel miserable and stuck.

So, how good can you let it get?
Which area of your life would you like to start with?

Emotional Balance

Get off the emotional rollercoaster - A strong nervous system helps you to stay centered, no matter what life throws at you.

Happiness + Joy

It's an inside job - When you start listening to your inner truth, you can start creating a life that's aligned with who you really are.

Mental Balance

Stop the mental sabotage - When you begin cultivating your neutral mind, you can easily turn down the volume on your negative thoughts.

Kundalini Yoga online classes for PMDD relief with Charisma Whitefeather from the pmdd healing summit
The Kundalini Sessions

You're ready to transform and to rise? Then this group class is for you!

You'll release old trauma and negative emotions with movement and breathing specifically designed to strengthen your nervous system and rid yourself of subconscious patterns that sabotage your happiness.

Monday & Wednesday
Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles
Drop-in and Monthly Unlimited Rates

PMDD Healing Session with Charisma Whitefeather
The Private Sessions

Sometimes you need super-charged transformation - more than fits into a general group class.

You'll get personal attention tailored to your specific needs, struggles and goals.
Breathwork, Kundalini Activation, Transformational Journaling, Trauma Release, Deep Relaxation.

Monday through Saturday
Location: Zoom
6-Session Transformations available

You can't get where you wanna go by doing what you've always done.
Real change requires trying something different.

Your Next Steps...

Choose a Journey

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Take the Ride

Before class, create space & time for yourself, put on comfy clothes, bring your journal & some water or unsweetened caffeine-free tea


I'm Charisma Whitefeather

I suffered from PMDD, severe depression, anger and anxiety for so many years. My mood swings put a huge strain on my relationships. I hated my life and myself.

One morning, after an especially violent episode, I got on my knees and I prayed for a way out of my misery.

I was willing to try anything. And that was the beginning of my journey to joy.

And now, I share what worked for me with my community, because I believe that life's too short to be miserable.


"I cannot thank the Universe enough for sending Charisma to me and the lovely people who have fostered this community - there's nothing I look forward to more each and every week."

Erica H., New York City

The key to unlocking your joy and living a juicy life...

1. A Strong Nervous System

Your nervous system regulates your responses to what's going on around you. When it is weak or inflexible it keeps you in a constant state of stress and fear. No wonder we overreact or lash out, it's because your body thinks that it's under attack and just wants to keep you safe.

The solution: strengthen your nervous system and rebuild its flexibility so it can support you.

2. Practicing Joyful Being

Life isn't always easy. In fact, it sucks 50% of the time. And sometimes, to survive or due to illness, trauma, ancestral patterns or learned beliefs, we shut down our capacity to feel joy. But joy can be relearned and we can generate this feeling ourselves, regardless of what's going on outside.

The solution: practice joy in a safe space, surrounded by a supportive community.

Your First C​lass is Free!

Not sure if The Kundalini Sessions are for you? I totally understand! Sign up without worries because your first class is on me. Coupon code: FREE

Frequently asked questions:


What if I've never done Kundalini Yoga before?

That's totally fine. Kundalini Yoga is different from other forms of yoga because you can modify any posture to your level of experience. And you can rest at any time and come back into the posture.

Do I need special equipment?

Nope. You won't need anything special. If you have a yoga mat, bring that. And I recommend bringing a sweater or blanket for relaxation at the end of class, so you stay nice and cozy warm.

I'm afraid to do yoga because I'm not flexible.

That's totally fine. Come to class and you'll see this is not the bendy, handstand yoga that you see on photos. We focus on breathing, strengthening your nervous system and glands, releasing negative emotions, mantra, mindfulness and raising your vibration.

About The Classes

What is the difference between regular Yoga and the Kundalini Sessions?

The yoga you'll experience during the Kundalini Sessions is very energetic with focus on the Navel Chakra and moving stagnant energy and limiting beliefs with the power of mantra and chanting.

The sessions are specifically designed for rapid transformation as you release emotional blocks, strengthen your inner space and cultivate your inner joy. It incorporates Kundalini Yoga, inner work modalities, mantra, breathwork and meditation to leave you feeling strong, uplifted and renewed.

Do you have offerings specifically for PMDD?

Yes. The Kundalini Sessions and my Private Sessions are perfect for relief from mood swings, anger, rage and out-of-control emotions. Come to a class and experience it for yourself.

How do I attend the classes?

When you sign up, you'll get the Zoom link sent to your email. If you're coming to in-person classes in Silverlake, just bring your yoga mat and a blanket or sweater for savasana. For the online option, a few minutes before class, you can click on the link a few minutes before class and come into the Zoom room. If you don't get an email with the link, please check your spam and promotional folder. If you can't find my email there, please let me know: Charisma.Whitefeather@gmail.com

Don't waste another minute of your life playing small!

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